To promote the usage of Svansy Coin and increase its fluidity, all label services will be offered up in Svansy Coins at a fiat pegged rate.

Sound engineers will have an opportunity to offer their services to musicians both in- and outside the label. Mixing- and mastering services will be offered up in either royalties or an advance to our artists, or outdoor services in advance. Royalty based payments will be done through smart contracts.

Please inquire about services via the contact form below.

Sound Design for Film

Mixing Services

Mastering Services

Video Editing

Graphic- / Web Design

Ad Spaces

Ad spaces will be placed at the bottom of the page to fit into the design with the rest.

Front page, 1 week: 1 Billion Svansy
Front page, 1 month: 3 Billion Svansy Coins

Side page, 1 week: 420 Million Svansy Coins
Side page, 1 month: 1 Billion Svansy Coins

Inquiry is necessary.