OrganizovanýXaoc provides DeFi solutions for Audio Professionals.
Services are offered in SVANSY at a FIAT pegging.
Service fees for OrganizovanýXaoc services might increase as the project develops its DeFi solutions for professional Artists and Audio-Engineers.

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering services are available for both in-door OrganizovanýXaoc-, as well as non-label artists.
Mixing and mastering services are exclusive in SVANSY (equivalent to the EUR/USD price at time of purchase).

OrganizovanýXaoc currently takes a 5% fee.

Credit services

OrganizovanýXaoc offers credit for payment of professional Mixing and Mastering services for artists that publish and mint their music through OrganizovanýXaoc.
The service fee is 5% and has no interest.
Get your Mix and Master done without any initial payment. The amount will be drawn from your sales proceeds.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Gideon van Niftrik / Bazeja / Perdix

As a mixing engineer, you have the opportunity to influence the way the audience perceives a song. The better the mix, the more the audience will resonate with the song! 

This means that the song in itself will have a greater impact on the audience after a proper mix-down. “A proper mix-down can elevate your production in a major way.”

Besides the mix of a song, there is a final stage called “Mastering”. Back in the day, mastering was the final act to get all the songs on an album to have the same impact/volume, so the audience can listen to an album without having to change the volume constantly. Nowadays, the mastering process has gained an additional function. “Mastering” can give an extra push/impact/warmth to the mix-down of a song. 

I offer mixing & mastering services. When you choose to let me mix or master your song, it is important to me that we communicate closely in order to create a mix/master that you (as a musician/producer) resonate with.  Send a few reference tracks with your pre-mix / pre-master and i’ll get back to you.



Mastering = 26,25 euros

Stem mastering = 42 euros

Mixing = 84 euros