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Svansy – Špejblberg


Svansy – Tuzex B


Svansy – Tuzex


Svansy – Špejblberg 2


Špejblberg EP Music fNFT’s

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Špejblberg 2


Špejblberg: Turbofolk is a musical genre stemming from former Yugoslavia (contemporary Serbia and Bosnia), blending Slavic folk music with electronic pop music to promote the Yugoslav socialist agenda of unity between the peoples of Yugoslavia. The themes turned with the outbreak of the Yugoslav civil wars, to propagate ethnic purity and cleansing, showing soldiers singing and dancing to cheery Slavic pop music in the midst of scenes of war. Turbofolk without violence.

Tuzex: were Czechoslovak state-run shops which did not accept the Czechoslovak koruna, but only vouchers which were purchased using foreign currencies. Tuzex vouchers were an unofficial parallel currency and were traded on the black market for access to western goods. The power vacuum after the fall of communism led to a new black market to emerge, with the Czech- and Slovak Republics, becoming global hubs for production and trafficking of amphetamine- and opioid based substances.

Špejblberg 2: Donbass (Донбас) was one of the most industrialized areas of the Soviet Union until its collapse. With the state factories closing down and with the separation from newly created borders, poverty and rivalling ideologies split the region. A чорт (shapeshifting demonic and mischievous creature) brings Doněck back to Catherine the Great.

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Svansy von Swansea - Špejblberg / Шпeйблбeрг
Svansy von Swansea - Tuzex / Тузeкс
Svansy von Swansea - Špejblberg / Шпeйблбeрг 2