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Svansy – Nádražní


Svansy – Čečnoslovénie


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Nádražní: Ulice (Railroad Street), was a Roma ghetto in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Gentrification led to the inhabitants being forcefully evicted and moved to the outskirts of the city, with their homes replaced by an enlengthening of the party district, which had previously ethnically gentrified crossing Stodolní Street after the collapse of communism and new capital flowing in from the west, largely through the emerging drugs trade. Roma’s lives through communist illusion and capitalist reality.

Čečnoslovénie: Dr. President Soudr. Gustáv Husák was the last socialist Czechoslovak president, reigning from the aftermaths of the Prague Spring Revolution until the Velvet Revolution ended communism (69-89). A formidable shaker of hands and teller of funny jokes, whom everyone wanted pictures with as great touristic honors of ultimate joy. His fabulous look started a fashion spree in socialist nations to wear square glasses with a matching baldness, fitting suits and ties to compliment the facial grandeur.

Svansy von Swansea - Nádražní / Надражни
Svansy von Swansea - Čečnoslovénie / Чeчнословeниe
Svansy von Swansea - Balkanana / Балканана