New staking update!

The snaps for LP staking look good for SVANSY / ALGO. SVANSY / MOONX is already active and running since yesterday.

Those that are interested in staking SVANSY / ALGO or SVANSY / MOONX LP tokens on Algofi can do so and get the same staking rewards as on TM! 462M SVANSY / week are split among LP holders, resulting in approx. 120-130% APR at current rates (same as on Algostake).

This service is offered by MoonX who we have a close cooperation with and are also preparing SVANSY -> SVANSY and Stakeable NFT -> SVANSY for us


I have some quotes for you to share on your VKontakt feed for your granny to feel joy of having you as their grandchild.

“People who wear a lot of socks have smelly feet. My feet smell tasty.”

Dr. Soudr. Prez. Čečnoslovénie

“Squirrels are the baby metal of animals. They trick you with their fluffy tails. But in reality they eat brains of birds.”

Generalisimo Feline Catstro

“Islamists wear Hitler’s mustache and nose holes for bandananas.”

Dr. Balkanana

“I prefer flirtations in reality than on inlines”

Ratmeister von Berlin

“My professor must think I’m waking up early, writing him e-mails at 8 in the morning”

Svansy von Swansea


A couple of words from my nemesisessses

It is easily forgotten that also my big nemesessisis might have something to say. This is why I would like to take the opportunity to be as humble as a bee and dedicate some space to these people.

“Humans have no straps. Boots are to walk in.”

Bernt Hacker, nemesiseess #1 of Svansy, to himself, after getting discovered, pooping on his neighbors rose bush

“President Svansy von Swansea of the Axis of Evil”

– President Jean Claude Bidét of the United Slaveholders Association, nemiseises #1 of Svansy

“A good fragrance should have a certain personality that makes people identify the scent with you.”

– Shakira, nemЕСИЕСiesises #2 of Svansy (the astrological lady told me she is my nemesesis)

“It is true that travelling distances are longer across the ocean with a better google review, than the birthplace of the Cthulhu”

– Mark Zucker Berg, nemisises #1 of Svansy2-.

“No, we do not knock in Germany. We have doorbells.”

Björn Höcke, nemesesseis #1 of Svansy, when asked “Do you have knock knock jokes in Germany?”

“What do nazis do over in America? Poop on cactuses instead? I guess that makes sense. Adapt to where you go as they say.”

Björn Haaken, nemesiss #1 of Svansy, after finding out that the KKK had denounced him