OrganizovanýXaoc produces Syncopative Cryptographic Art:
Multiple sources of material encrypted within each other to together syncopate the realities of the ‘Communist Disneyland’.
The source is more important than the final layer.

The OrganizovanýXaoc Sound is Organized Chaos.
Nostalgia for what never existed.

The artistic persona is adapted towards the artistic goals which is part of the immersive experience with an OrganizovanýXaoc indicative style, using distorted elements from multiple sources to tell variables, which are intertwined and encrypted within each other. The business model as well as the payment token, are cogs within the mechanism to make music profitable through fair means, as well as being one of several central parts to the performance of the Communist Disneyland.

OrganizovanýXaoc creates and develops experimental artistic, economic and cryptographic work in multiple mediums (music, AV, graphics, tokenomics and arbitrage game mechanics), where each element works as a cog within a larger mechanism. The outcome is an artistic piece which transcends art, capital and cryptography through Web3.0 implementation and use of the technological breakthroughs it offers.


The blockchain is a technological breakthrough which uses cryptography to breach technological limitations. Digital art can be minted and tokenized with a validated creator through the implementation of the blockchain through NFT’s and their variations. The validation possibility of the creator address, validates a piece similarly to a signature by a painter (each address on the various blockchains is unique). The possibility of ownership of a digital mint, similarly to ownership of a physical object, such as a 1/1000 Vinyl print. The possibilities expand to whatever can be programmed, such as the possibility to encrypt material into an NFT which becomes available only to the owner.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) don’t make sense in the music industry. An artist wants more than one person to own their digital mint or physical vinyl. fNFT’s are fragmented NFT’s; a singular mint with multiple copies, where each is identical to one another.

OrganizovanýXaoc Music fNFT’s are minted as 1/1000 fNFT’s (XXEP000X)
Music Videos are minted as 1/200 fNFT’s (XXMV000X)

The tokenomical properties of a project give possibilities for rise of gaming mechanics, aimed at creating a full immersive performative experience within the ‘Communist Disneyland’. This is achieved through experimentation and careful analysis of the data. More about the experimental liquidity programs can be found under

As I first started out building on the Algorand blockchain. I quickly realized that there were many steps necessary before one could start with the preconceived goals. My project being unique from the rest, the project has no competitors and has therefore been able to build close cooperations with various other projects, who are helping with provision of services.

OrganizovanýXaoc Roadmap

Token distribution

The Reserve / Staking Budget Wallet X4O7NNVFCZQPJCERHLMWFDW43ZQRSXBC7442YSY24WEBJRXMS5DRMGYX4A contains 135 Billion Svansy Coins that are reserved for staking rewards and marketing purposes.
The weekly release is 600 Million SVANSY in staking rewards for fNFT’s, SVANSY (350M) and LP Tokens (250) and will last at least until 01.01.2028, after which staking rewards for marketing purposes of our music shouldn’t be necessary and we will have our own stable liquidity for business operations and OrganizovanýXaoc will have found its target audience.

The staking rewards for OrganizovanýXaoc fNFT’s will are significantly higher than for holding SVANSY, incentivizing purchases of fNFT’s. Read more about OrganizovanýXaoc Staking.

Liquidity Gaming Mechanic Wallet BDPNI6K7CMEIN5DABQZLUJSO5S4LMUP2QH2WYVKVOOJCNRB3M2EX62DLYQ contains 42 Billion SVANSY for the Liquidity Gaming Mechanics. Read more about the OrganizovanýXaoc Experimental Tokens.

The Development Wallet QUCU7UMVYMEQTVCWOJQGC44I4OVZXWSCR44SOZANN3OCCTQF2LM5OFRVG4 has been loaded up with 18 Billion Svansy Coins for the development budget from 01.06.2022 until 01.01.2025 500 Million Svansy Coins per month are reserved for operational costs.

Sales are continuously resupplying OrganizovanýXaoc with tokens and these will be used for maintenance and expansions once the initial supply dries out.

Algorand limits ASA’s to only one reserve wallet and because we have our release budget split among three wallets, the visible circulating supply is therefore higher than in reality.

Technical blockchain work

Smart contracts for proceed and royalty splits to be adjustable for each musical and audio-visual work in accordance to the people involved in each piece.

Liquidity pools for fNFT’s, which take fees in the token pairing (1%) with a scaling matrix for fNFT’s in the quantity of hundreds to thousands. The CD-Token (OPX) will be used to power liquidity gaming mechanics. The mechanics within will give minimal arbitrage possibilities for arbitragers to correct and neutralize price gaps in bundled works.
Liquidifying fNFT’s will give traders constant possibility for trading.

An indoor marketplace with fixed artist royalties of 10%, using the proceed split matrix. The marketplace will accept SVANSY exclusively with buy orders. This to always give possibility to sellers to find a buyer for OrganizovanýXaoc NFT’s.
The buy and sell orders will be automated with price intervals.

Smart contracts to swap over immediate costs to a viable payment alternative for non-blockchain services, such as shipping costs for physical articles and administrative costs for 3rd party services.

For non-blockchain products, the order will need to be processed into WooCommerce to finalize the purchase and process a receipt in a return-tx and mail receipt to fulfill EU regulations.

Expansion upon the functionalities of the fNFT’s with:
Private bonus material (such as clues to the ‘Communist Disneyland’) available for owners of fNFT’s. Future game compatibility (‘Communist Disneyland’ game, which will be similar to Pokémon, but where one collects Communists to defeat Capitalist and Fascist evildoers).

Credit services for artists to get various services from the label without any down payment.

Mint of Service Contract NFT’s for accepting payments for Audio-Engineering Services, as well as Credit Services.

Bridged versions of SVANSY, NFT’s and solutions to the following Blockchains and DAG’s:
Polygon (L2 for Ethereum)
Hedera Hashgraph / Fantom (DAG)
Secret Network (Privacy Chain)

Technical Audial work

Mixing- and mastering services will be offered up in SVANSY by experienced audio engineers shortly.

Artistic work

In total of at least 15 tracks will be released over the course of 2022. Each original track will be accompanied by a music video, an album cover for each release and fNFT’s for tracks and music videos.
The EP’s are a combination of genre’s and styles, with an indicative OrganizovanýXaoc sound and visuals.
Each track telling a story from the ‘Communist Disneyland’.

*Observe possibilities for changes, which will be announced at least 2 days before enacted.