As a unique asset with no competitors, we have early adopted a strategy of cooperation with other projects on Algorand.
In an effort to diversify and decentralize the SVANSY liquidity into reliable and long-term entities.

Liquidity Cooperations

Diversification of liquidity creates a wider pathing for trading possibilities between our tokens and gives our clientele the possibility to discover other non-competing projects, as well as increase the rate of growth through trading fees. This also ensures stability and decreased volatility, for SVANSY to remain a functioning payment token, with longevity as focus.

We have found a balance that leaves traders with enough momentum, at the same time as making sure trading is constant, to strengthen the liquidity at a faster rate. Functioning currencies require fluidity.

The OrganizovanýXaoc liquidity share is above 90% in ALGO and below 10% in ASA’s (excl. CD-Tokens, which will be pegged to SVANSY and not intended for retail purposes). This balance will naturally fluctuate over time.

Community liquidity is not included in the calculations.