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SVANSY (ASA 388502764) is the exclusive payment token from the world’s first Cryptographic Label, OrganizovanýXaoc and the first ASA to have processed a purchase of Music, a Music NFT and a Music Video NFT.
SVANSY is verified by Pera and AlgoExplorer.

Svansy Coin utility

Svansy Coin makes music profitable.

Svansy Coin is the exclusive payment token from the label, available for purchases of all items made through OrganizovanýXaoc. All digital and physical items, as well as services are available for SVANSY, which functions as a cog within the machinery of OrganizovanýXaoc, to power the Web3.0 implementation and development, through experimental tokenomics, which are adapted to the ever evolving markets.

SVANSY and OrganizovanýXaoc intend to become incorruptible by both inside- and outside forces. OrganizovanýXaoc will through smart contracts redistribute proceeds and royalties among contributing artists and label in a decentralized and fair way, removing the human from the equation, as well as making music profitable for the artists releasing through the OrganizovanýXaoc.

Decentralization and development is gradual with the development of Music, Art and a preconditional platform for distribution and redistribution, as well as reaching milestones in our development, which are necessary for a stable and long-term growth.

OrganizovanýXaoc is the life’s work of Svansy von Swansea and it is therefore of utmost importance that all risks are minimized.

Rollout of the payment token

The Špejblberg and Nádražní EP’s were released for sale with Svansy on the 6th of January, 2022, with consequent first purchases made through the Svansy von Swansea webstore.

First purchase of music with an ASA
Svansy Coin exclusive items

All fNFT’s are sold exclusively for SVANSY (with few marketing exceptions).

Fiat pegged items

All fixed prices of digital downloads, merchandise and physical art, are available for SVANSY. The price will be pegged to the fiat-price-value.

Services offered in Svansy Coin

Mixing- and Mastering Services is offered by our in-door Audio-Engineers exclusively in SVANSY.

Profit/royalty split

There will be smart contracts to split the profits 80%/20% (artists/label) and future royalties from sales, to decentralize and automate proceeds and royalties.

Stakeable NFT + SVANSY Staking

581 Million SVANSY are rewarded to holders of SVANSY and Stakeable OrganizovanýXaoc NFT’s per week (2,5 Billion SVANSY per month). Minimum requirement: 50M TSV.
Staking will be ongoing until the 31/12/2024. OrganizovanýXaoc’s end-product is music and art. The staking rewards are therefore the highest for the most complex releases.

NFT -> SVANSY staking rewards are higher than for holding SVANSY, making sure that our NFT’s increase in demand against the payment token.

OrganizovanýXaoc Stakeable fNFT’s have a base value counted in SVANSY. E.g. a Music fNFT with a starting price of 50M SVANSY give equivalent rewards to TSV 300M SVANSY.
The pricing matrix escalates.
TSV = Total SVANSY Value

3x APR: Picture fNFT’s that are 100 or below in quantity
6x APR: Short Audio-Visual- and Full track Music fNFT’s
8x APR: Music Video fNFT’s

2,5 Billion SVANSY are released through staking/month and the APR fluctuates

LP Staking
462 Million SVANSY are rewarded to LP Token holders on TM and AF / Week (2 Billion / Month).
Min. requirement 10k LP Tokens from Tinyman (552658840) or Algofi (617183875)
The APR rates change over time, but the token release remains the same.
SVANSY / MOONX LP Token holders (TM 553585951 / AF 721076034) are awarded with equal staking rewards between the tokens. 150% APY (75+75 from each token).

Staking rewards for SVANSY / LP / Stakeable fNFT holders

SVANSY Bronze (676973781): Rewarded one fragment per 250M TSV in SVANSY / NFT’s and/or 30k LP Tokens on TM or AF / week, until 990 from 1000 fragments have been rewarded.
SVANSY Silver (676970622): To be awarded once all SVANSY Bronze are redistributed.
SVANSY Blue (676974374): Holders of Stakeable OrganizovanýXaoc fNFT’s are rewarded with 990 from 1000 fragments.
1 fragment is awarded for every 250M TSV in Stakeable NFT’s / week, until the supply is depleted.


As a unique asset with no competitors, we have early adopted a strategy of cooperation with other projects on Algorand.
In an effort to diversify and decentralize the SVANSY liquidity into reliable and long-term entities.

Although very different in use cases and utilities, our customers often share interests. The new clientele each unique asset brings in to the eco-system, is a potential client to all other projects on the blockchain.

Diversification of liquidity creates a wider pathing for trading possibilities between our tokens and gives our clientele the possibility to discover other non-competing projects, as well as increase the rate of growth through trading fees. This also ensures stability and decreased volatility, for SVANSY to remain a functioning payment token, with longevity as focus.

We have found a balance that leaves traders with enough momentum, at the same time as making sure trading is constant, to strengthen the liquidity at a faster rate. Functioning currencies require fluidity.

The OrganizovanýXaoc liquidity share is approx. 70% ALGO and 30% ASA’s (excl. CD-Tokens, which are pegged to SVANSY and not intended for retail purposes). This balance will naturally fluctuate over time.
Community liquidity is not included in the calculations.

Svansy Coin Parameters

Supply: 420.420.420.420 (420B+)
Circulating supply: (ca.) 205 Billion Svansy Coins (18/02/2022)



Burned/Frozen tokens: 2.437.200.833,4982 Svansy Coins
Frozen TM V1 pools:

OrganizovanýXaoc Roadmap for 2022

In total 6 EP’s (each EP consists of 3-5 tracks) will be released over the course of 2022, which are being produced, mixed and mastered by Svansy. Each original track is also accompanied by a music video, an album cover and fNFT’s for the track and the music video.
The EP’s are a combination of genre’s and styles, with an indicative Svansy sound and visuals.
Each track telling a story from the ‘Communist Disneyland’.

The Sound is Organized Chaos and all music has an indicative Svansy sound.
These will be a mix between mostly original music, as well as a few remixes to bring in new crowds.

Mixing- and mastering services will be offered up in SVANSY by experienced audio engineers shortly.

Physical merch is available for purchase with SVANSY since April, 2022

Redistribution of proceeds

Collaborative pieces will get split, according to the artist/label cut. This is initially done manually. The task will gradually be overtaken by scripts and finally with smart contracts.
The fNFT payment system needs to be automated without manual intermissions.
For non-blockchain products, the order will need to be processed into WooCommerce to finalize the purchase and process a receipt in a return-tx in 1 SVANSY.

Token distribution

The first staking pool was set up on AlgoStake and will be moved over to MoonX shortly.
Staking rewards will be available for holding SVANSY, LP Tokens from various DEX’s and Stakeable fNFT’s

We will introduce Svansy Music fNFT to Svansy Coin staking, where holders of OrganizovanýXaoc Audio-Visual fNFT’s will receive Svansy Coins for staking their fNFT’s.
The staking rewards for Stakeable fNFT’s will be significantly higher than for holding SVANSY (incentivizing purchases of Music fNFT’s). In total, 2,5 Billion SVANSY are rewarded each month to holders.

3x: Special Edition Picture fNFT’s (unless otherwise specified)
6x: Short Audio-Visual- or Full Track Music fNFT’s
8x: Music Video fNFT’s

The Reserve Wallet X4O7NNVFCZQPJCERHLMWFDW43ZQRSXBC7442YSY24WEBJRXMS5DRMGYX4A contains 100 Billion Svansy Coins that are reserved for staking rewards and marketing purposes to last until the 31.12.2024.

Staking Wallet BDPNI6K7CMEIN5DABQZLUJSO5S4LMUP2QH2WYVKVOOJCNRB3M2EX62DLYQ has had 20 Billion Svansy Coins transferred to it for the budget of 2022, with another 7,5 Billion Svansy withstanding.

The monthly release is of 4,5 Billion Svansy Coins in staking rewards for fNFT’s, SVANSY and LP Tokens and will last until 31.12.2024, after which staking rewards for marketing purposes of our music won’t be necessary.
We will find our target audience sooner.

500 Million Svansy Coins per month are reserved for marketing purposes, such as campaigns. The Marketing Wallet QUCU7UMVYMEQTVCWOJQGC44I4OVZXWSCR44SOZANN3OCCTQF2LM5OFRVG4 has been loaded up with 6 Billion Svansy Coins for the marketing budget of 2022. The budget for each succeeding year will be 6 Billion/year.

The remaining SVANSY will be used to provide liquidity for future product lines, expansion of the liquidity and pay for maintenance costs, upkeep and upgrades, until there are enough proceeds for the operations to pay for themselves.

Sales are continuously resupplying OrganizovanýXaoc with tokens and these will be used for maintenance and expansions once the initial supply dries out.

Early stage

Svansy Coin was created with a budget of a single ALGO (worth 2 USD at the time). The tokenomics and early redistribution methods were crucial for the projects success.

An initial airdrop gifted approx. 9000 crypto and art enthusiasts receiving tokens.
These early airdrops, as well as later reward schemes, were designed to distribute the tokens evenly and also give chance to people that couldn’t afford to buy the tokens, to earn them instead. The scale of airdrop recipients helped stabilize a value, increased the brand recognition of Svansy von Swansea and OrganizovanýXaoc significantly, as well as giving us a community, which would become the ‘Communisty’.

Art project

OrganizovanýXaoc is a musical business, using sampling of political content as artistic expression through experimental economics and tokenomics. SVANSY is part of the performance. SVANSY is part of the The Communist Disneyland.

The art produced by OrganizovanýXaoc artists is intended to survive both the artists, as well as the economic models of the present. Key focus is put into protecting the legacy of the work.

SVANSY trading options on Tinyman


How to swap for SVANSY:

  1. Buy Algorand on a crypto exchange, such as Coinbase Pro, Binance or Kucoin (for all purchasing possibilities, click here).
  2. Send your Algorand to your Algorand Wallet. Watch this video to find out how.
  3. Visit the Tinyman Decentralized Exchange or Algofi
  4. Login with your wallet: MyAlgo Wallet (desktop) or Pera Wallet (mobile)
  5. Swap Algorand for Svansy Coins (you will need to accept the transaction in your wallet).

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