The staking platform we were using has disbanded and we are currently looking for a new service provider. Staking rewards will resume once one has been found.

NFT + SVANSY Staking

350 Million SVANSY are rewarded to holders of SVANSY and OrganizovanýXaoc NFT’s per week. Minimum requirement: 63M TSV (value of the cheapest fNFT).
Staking will be ongoing until 01/01/2028. OrganizovanýXaoc’s end-product is music and art. The staking rewards are therefore the highest for the most complex releases.

NFT -> SVANSY staking rewards are much higher than for holding SVANSY, making sure that our NFT’s increase in demand against the payment token.

OrganizovanýXaoc Stakeable fNFT’s have a base value counted in SVANSY. E.g. a Music fNFT with a starting price of 150M SVANSY give equivalent rewards to TSV 11,5 Billion SVANSY.
The pricing matrix escalates.
TSV = Total SVANSY Value

15x APR: High quantity Picture fNFT’s >100 in quantity
30x APR: Low quantity Picture fNFT’s <100 in quantity
60x APR: Short Audio-Visual fNFT’s
75x APR: Full track Music fNFT’s
100x APR: Music Video fNFT’s

350 Million SVANSY are released through staking/week with a fluctuating APR

LP Staking
250 Million SVANSY are rewarded to LP Token holders on Algofi / Week.
Min. requirement 10k LP Tokens from Algofi (617183875).
The APR rates change over time, but the token release remains the same.

Staking rewards for SVANSY / LP / Stakeable fNFT holders

SVANSY Bronze (676973781): Rewarded one fragment per 250M TSV in SVANSY / NFT’s and/or 30k LP Tokens on TM or AF / week, until 990 from 1000 fragments have been rewarded.
SVANSY Silver (676970622): To be awarded once all SVANSY Bronze are redistributed.
SVANSY Blue (676974374): Holders of Stakeable OrganizovanýXaoc fNFT’s are rewarded with 990 from 1000 fragments.
1 fragment is awarded for every 500M TSV in Stakeable NFT’s / week, until the supply is depleted.