Experimental Tokens

Following tokens have no retail use case or utility. They have experimental- and back-end values. Most of the tokens have Freeze enabled. The freeze function could be used for the safety of the mechanics and the products these mechanics power. These tokens are designed to power conceptual systems of liquidity gaming mechanics through arbitrage possibilities.

Controlled environments will be created to then let arbitrage possibilities regulate the market rules. These arbitrage possibilities are designed to direct the market, similarly to how country roads support the highway by connecting villages to the city, often leading to better journeys.

A larger amount of ca 80 Billion SVANSY (ca 20% of the total supply) are reserved for future liquidity mechanics, resulting in a deflationary supply through fluid means. In comparison to burning of tokens, these tokens remain tradeable and the arbitrage mechanics result in arbitrage fees, paid by the bots that power our tools, slowly draining the supply into liquidity through the power of arbitrage possibilities.

Arbitrage Token: Carpet – GSD 691916156


Carpet (GSD) is an experimental arbitrage token to connect SVANSY and NIPS with intermediary sideroads to the standard highway routes.

The token acts as a middle between SVANSY, NIPS and ALGO and is an indirect extension towards the liquidity between the projects. SVANSY, GSD and NIPS are paired with each other, resulting in a multi-triangular position of ultimate arbitrage possibilities.

The creation of these triangular positions with a static asset in the middle results in furthering arbitrage possibilities between the 2 active assets, as well as leaving further points for arbitrage possibilities for trading fee accumulation. The arbitrage token forces arbitrage possibilities to be split between pools, resulting in a stabilizer against volatility.

Arbitrage routing

The intention is to create a controlled environment for development of tokenomics principles through decentralized arbitrage possibilities.

These arbitrage possibilities will increase trade in amount of transactions, as well as volume, but also intend to direct the market behavior to develop experimental game mechanics, involving liquidity pools. The arbitrage token will help with fee accumulation through trades and act as a stabilizer that should over time, through decentralized arbitrage possibilities, always average out in worth and thus stabilize all assets involved.

The discoveries will be used for further development of more complex chains of experimental fNFT LP mechanics, to reach a decentralized tokenomics system. Letting the market balance assets in accordance to their intended functionality.

Carpet (GSD) is verified by Pera
Get carpeted by arbitrage possibilities!
GSD / ALGO on TM. Candles with shadows indicate a direct swap in the pool. Full bodied candles indicate arbitrages from outside the pool coming in by bots.
GSD / SVANSY on TM. The movement is very similar, but with shorter shadows. AlgoExplorer shows that AACC and J4BJ (arb bots) both went for the same arbitrages.
GSD / NIPS on TM. The movement is very similar, but with no shadows, indicating simple arbitrages made by bots.

Arbitrage Tokens:
SVANSY #1 Fan – AACC 710787682 (Major)
Gabbard – UTILITY 683763708 (Minor)
Silvio’s Mentor – PABLO 710785664 (Minor)
Hopium Wrapped Copium – HCOP 479891005 (Mini Joker)
Lagosrand – LAGOS 500105167 (Major Joker)

In the next experiment, the focus lies on creating a SVANSY stable coin ecosystem, which through arbitrage possibilities will follow SVANSY and boost the liquidity without any pairing with other active assets. In this experiment, AACC will have 4x the worth of UTILITY and PABLO. All tokens are to be LP’ed against one another on Tinyman and Algofi.

LAGOS will at the last stage be used to open up possibilities towards other projects and will therefore require identical initial worth to AACC.

Launch of AACC
Launch of UTILITY
Launch of PABLO
Launch of HCOP

HCOP had evaded human traders and has been decreased to a minimum through the SVANSY / HCOP pool. The buy/sell pressure can easily be triggered through arbitrage possibilities given. Within a closed liquidity system, special game mechanics could be designed based off of this, to automatically trigger a rebalancing at certain points. This could be used for stabilizing the worth of a batch off assets within a decentralized system run by arbitrages.

Launch of LAGOS
Price action triggered through the side pool SVANSY / HCOP
A buy made in the HCOP / ALGO pool, which gets arbitraged away into SVANSY / HCOP immediately

Feet In Feet Ass – FIFA – 726778924

There will be increased pressure from outside forces to destabilize arbitrage mechanisms and thanks to the decentralized fashion, anyone can add liquidity to a token to decouple it from the intended liquidity. The results from such a decoupling will be tested in FIFA.

The initial liquidity is set to accommodate approx. 1/4 of the liquidity with SVANSY and the rest with ALGO. What will it take to derail FIFA from SVANSY and the mechanics to get broken?

420420 FIFA Tokens in total
320320 FIFA / ALGO
100000 FIFA / SVANSY

Starting ratio in the peg: SVANSY 23,8%

Launch report FIFA / ALGO

With the launch and people buying the token in the FIFA / ALGO pool, the SVANSY / FIFA pool didn’t see any human interaction and could explain the slight loss of a peg.

Chart after the initial launch
The result of a 2A swap
The result of a 3A swap after reduction of the SVANSY / FIFA liquidity (current approx. 10-11% pegging)
The amount necessary to activate bot before (2a) vs (3a) after reduction of peg. Arbitrage amount necessary for bot activation: 0,4a. To avoid AACC and J4BJ, one needs to offer arbitrages within tighter spans. The bots actual profit is much less, as it also has a purchase. To create a system where AACC and J4BJ are outmaneuvered, the gains for the bot masters need to be minimal, but achievable for the purpose.

This token will act as an intermediary between SVANSY and MOONX
The initial worth of the token is 1 SVANSY = 1 SV<->MN
The initial LP’s will be worth 21 Million SVANSY at start, equaling 4.925.751 MoonX.

Communist Disneyland Token (CD-Token) is a utility token, used to power experimental liquidity systems from the Cryptographic Label, OrganizovanýXaoc, through arbitrage possibilities.

CD-Token is 1:1 with SVANSY, 10% of the total supply of SVANSY is reserved for the pairing.